We are a leadership development company whose mission is to promote individuals' career development at every organizational level. We add value by creating a leadership culture that identifies, empowers, and equips high performing individuals with the tools needed to increase an organization's capacity to innovate amid a continually changing and complex business landscape.

WYSSU™ emphasizes a growth mindset by pushing individuals to pursue their Purpose, Passion, and Potential while exemplifying Excellence through mutiple branches of service. Spiritual, Business and Personal Leadership. We have a vested interest in equipping individuals to become better versions of themselves in their personal and professional lives.

The Spiritual Branch of WYSSU known as Believe Big Again International is a faith-inspired movement dedicated to transforming lives through unwavering trust in God's promises, fostering spiritual development, and serving individuals and communities in need. Rooted in the timeless wisdom of scripture, we aim to be a beacon of hope, guiding all who seek to rekindle their faith and believe in the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.




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Our vision is to become a global leadership movement that radically transforms an organization's approach to identifying high potentials in all seven mountains of influence.

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Dr. Felix Anderson is a trusted leadership advisor, business coach, spiritual thought leader, and founder of the "Wake Your Successful Self Up" movement, reaching thousands globally each year. 

It's me, Dr. Felix, and my God-given purpose is to help leaders like you level-up their faith, language, and strategy to reach their personal and professional goals. I partner with purpose-driven professionals who have a vision but need clarity on how to execute a plan. I speak the truth, and I expect results.

I am looking forward to supporting your success. 


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